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941 days ago by Stacy Gallagher
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941 days ago by Stacy Gallagher

One of my favorite teachers at MMA is Ms. Restifo. She is my favorite because she is like my second mom, and I know no matter what she’ll always support me! (and she gives pretty good advice)  -Annelise Fresta ‘23 

Ms. Restifo is one of my favorite teachers at MMA, she is just really understanding and gives you the best advice. -Malika Parmar ’23

Mrs. Restifo is one of my favorite teachers because she is a great person to talk to about not only school related things, but also life outside of school.  -Xaria Burgess ‘22

Mrs. Restifo because she teaches us through her example of dedication, hard work, and kindness.  -Monica Paschos ‘22

941 days ago by Stacy Gallagher

I salute Mrs. Lesutis for her loving nature not only as a human being but as a teacher and mother figure. She exemplified the spirit of Mercy, treating each student as if she were one of her very own. She truly wanted every girl to succeed. She inspired me to be a doting mother and mentor to my colleagues!  -Kelly O’Neill Kishel ‘98

941 days ago by Stacy Gallagher

During my four years volunteering as an office aide, I spent one study period a week working at a desk outside the office of our school secretary, Mrs. Phyllis Kane, where I truly got to see Superwoman in action. She always had the energy of ten people and most likely did the work of ten people as well! I don’t know if I ever saw her sit down. She was always standing at the reception counter to help one person or another, or she was bustling around the school putting things to right. Whether she was assisting a student, taking a phone call, or welcoming a visitor, she was always the model of professionalism and kindness. Despite how busy she was, she always had time to give a smile or share a kind word. She made it a point to get to know everyone, and she treated us all like daughters. When a special event was approaching, she was as excited as we students were. She was a wonderful example of giving your all to your job and the people around you — traits that I now see in so very many of my fellow alumnae. -Tracey Quinlan Dougherty '90

942 days ago by Stacy Gallagher

During my time at Merion, Sister Beth was always a bright ray of sunshine. She was full of energy and spunk, encouraging students to push themselves and have an open mind about new opportunities, whether it was the way we thought about something, trying out for the play or giving intramural sports a try. At the time she was in a wheelchair (I want to say she was recovering from a surgery but don’t remember the details), but that didn’t stop her. I think in a way it made her stronger and almost more spunky. Sister Beth showed us first hand that even when faced with challenges to trust God and trust His plan for us. She was a true inspiration and always there whether you needed a friendly ear to listen, a pep talk or just a laugh. Her door was always open. I remember many Sister Beth chats over the years. I always left her office feeling empowered and happy. Sister Beth was everyone’s biggest cheerleader. She had a love quote on her desk that was inspiring & uplifting that I loved. Every time I went into her office, I’d read it. When I graduated she gave me a framed copy. It was the best gift. I still have it to this day (15 years later). Sister Beth is a perfect example of how Merion teachers are more than just teachers. They go above and beyond for their students - beyond the classroom, beyond the school hours, beyond their job description. Her love and compassion helped shape me as a young lady, a woman of Mercy and now a Mom.  -Kelly Nicholas DeBlase '06

942 days ago by Stacy Gallagher

I salute Patti McAleer or as most know her as “Mrs. Mac” she is the essence of a woman of Mercy. You could find Mrs Mac rain or shine on the sideline of any sporting event cheering us on. She was literally our number one fan. For years she had Merion Mercy Music Theater running like a well oiled machine. She was like a second mom, if I was having a bad day or needed a shoulder to cry on she was always there. Her door was always open no matter what, no questions asked. She was a staple to the Merion community and had made such a positive impact not only in my life but in so many Merion girls' lives. I am forever grateful for her still being a part of my family. I don’t know anyone that worked harder or gave more heart to the school and students than Mrs. Mac.  -Suzie Momenee-Cush '93

942 days ago by Stacy Gallagher

Although everyone in the Merion community has made a positive impact on my life, Ms. Ozzimo inspired me throughout my four years at MMA and continues to do so.  Ms. O is such a compassionate and caring person who is truly invested in helping her students reach their fullest potential.  Whether it’s inside or outside of the classroom, Ms. O is always supportive of her students.  She is passionate about the material she teaches, and her students can sense palpable enthusiasm and excitement.  Ms. O inspires me to pursue the things in life that spark my interest. -Cara Keller ‘20

943 days ago by Stacy Gallagher

943 days ago by Stacy Gallagher

I often tell people that Eileen Daly Killeen ‘68 was the first person who made me fall in love with Merion...and Mercy.  When I was a student, I thought Merion was like a second home, filled with friends I began to call "sisters" and brimming with opportunities. Yet, as the years passed, I became more aware of the fact that this special home away from home is not some glorious accident; the love that fills these halls, the hospitality that is shown, the kindnesses shared, the programs—from service to athletics to the arts and so much more—is nurtured by the community, especially the faculty and staff. Eileen is one of those remarkable people. She loves the school and wholeheartedly believes in the mission of educating young women in the tradition of Mercy. Her hard work, grit and grace, and commitment to the core values distinguish her. She was a trailblazer in many ways throughout her life—part of the first co-ed class at Villanova, first female teacher at Monsignor Bonner, and Merion's first and only Director of Admissions. While she cared deeply about tradition, she is open to growth and innovation. Her ability to embrace the unique needs of each year (and even generation) is impressive. I am so grateful to Eileen for all she has given to our school, our students, and our community! 

-Kristina Stanton Cawley '90

943 days ago by Stacy Gallagher

Dr. Pidot exudes joy. He is able to completely change the mood of a room with his positivity and sense of humor. His love for his family, the students, and his fellow faculty and staff are always evident. Seth’s dedication to Merion over the years and his passion for education and student growth set an example for all educators. The Merion Mercy community and all of his friends and family are so lucky to have him in our lives. —Tina Horvath King '96

944 days ago by Stacy Gallagher

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